What is Easy Pay:

EasyPay, is a new, easier way  to pay for your purchase over four months till the cost is paid in full and with 0% interest*(Some T&Cs Apply. Please see below). 


How is my order processed under Easy Pay:

When purchasing with EasyPay we will charge your card for the first installment on the day you place your order. The item is shipped to you immediately on successful processing of the first installment. Any additional installment(s) will be charged every 30 days thereafter until the item is paid for in full. 

The first installment will include the product price divided by the number of installments you select. Shipping and handling, applicable taxes and all services are added to the first installment. Because of this, your first installment can be higher than any subsequent installment(s).


Can I purchase using both Credit or Debit Card:

Yes, absolutely.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards .We also accept both Credit and Debit Cards. We however do not accept prepaid check or credit cards.


I live outside of USA. Can I still buy under Easy Pay:

Currently the flexible payment facility is available for customers in USA only. We are not able to process international orders under EasyPay.


How Many Items Can I Buy Using EasyPay:

Currently only one item per customer can be purchased using our EasyPay option. 


Terms and Conditions:

1) We do not do a credit check or credit verification with Credit bureau. We do however, do telephonic verification before shipping.

2) To prevent unauthorized use of credit cards, orders are shipped only to credit card billing address.  

3) The merchandise remains the property of Mytreasurez.com until full payment is made. Mytreasurez.com reserve the right to collect the same or send a collection agency if a payment is not made.

4) Credit extended at the sole discretion of Mytreasurez.com.  We reserve the right to decline credit without assigning any reason whatsoever at no risk or responsibility.

5) By making the purchase against our Easy Pay payment option you expressly agree to the terms and conditions mentioned herein.

6) Need more information. Please message us or call us on our phone nos.