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What is the return policy?

Mytreasurez is proud to offer our customers a 30 day no questions asked return policy. For more details, please view our return-exchange policy.


Can I return an item after the 30 days have passed?

Unfortunately, no. We do not accept any returns after the 30 days have passed.


How do I request a return?

There are two ways to request a return. First, you can go on the return form and fill it out. Or you can contact us directly and we will send you an email with detailed instructions about the return procedure. For more details, please view our return exchange policy.


I took the security seal off my item. Can I still return it?

Unfortunately, no. We do not accept any items if the security seal has been broken.


I took my ring to a jeweler to resize it. I now wish to return it. What is the procedure?

Sorry, we cannot accept the ring back because it has been altered by a third party jeweler. Please review our return-exchange policy for more details.


I ordered a bracelet two days ago and have not received it yet. Has my order been shipped out? How do I track it?

Once your order is shipped out, you will receive an email notifying you that it has been shipped out and it will also contain a tracking number which will allow you to keep track of your package. You can track the package via the website of the carrier you selected for delivery during checkout.


I am interested in buying diamond studs. How can I decide which one would be the best quality and color for the right price?

Please contact our Customer Service Team, and we will be happy to assist you in choosing the best pair of diamond studs that fit your price, quality and color expectation.